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The next stop in your Marine's training is School of Infantry (SOI). At SOI, entry-level Marines are trained in basic warrior skills. They also train Marine leaders from the rank of Corporal to Lieutenant in advanced infantry Skills. SOI's training mission ensures "Every Marine is, first and foremost, a Rifleman."

At the School of Infantry (SOI), Marines who receive the infantry MOS are trained at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), and all non-infantry Marines are trained in basic infantry/Marine common skills at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT Bn). (This is typically just referred to as MCT.) SOI marks a transition in the professional training of recruit graduate to Marine warrior for our entry-level students.

While your Marine has much more freedom during this training phase, it is recommended that personal items such as cell phones, DVD players, etc. not be sent to them during SOI/MCT training. Sending these items to their MOS training is recommended. You should try to use a flat-rate US Postal Service Priority mail box to allow you to include a lot of heavier items at reasonable cost. We'd also recommend you include delivery confirmation and insurance options, just in case something happens along the way.

Infantry Training

Infantry training is 53 days in length, with the first 21 days being common and the remainder devoted to each specific infantry specialty. These are shown on the SOI Website and the student training schedules pages.

Marine Combat Training

Marine Combat Training lasts 21 days. Details are available at the MCT website. The student training schedule is available in Microsoft Word format.

But non-infantry Marines don't get away with less training; they have specialized MOS training after graduation from MCT. The duration of this training depends upon their individual MOS.


We've heard that graduation from SOI, MCT or MOS is nothing like Boot Camp graduation and that it probably wouldn't be worth traveling any distance for a very short ceremony.

After training is completed your Marine will be transferred to his or her PDS (Permanent Duty Station).

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